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Fact: what you’re learning in high school won’t necessarily arm you to ace the digital SAT or the ACT. Forget the nonsense that the test makers tell you about these exams being based on the same material that you see in school. You’ll probably notice a significant gap between your high school GPA and your scores on these tests.

But help is at hand! 10 Steps for Acing the Digital SAT and ACT is an insider’s guide to help you score your best on these tests, and tailor-made for the new digital era of testing. Moreover, it is designed to help you bridge the gap between what is not taught in high school and what the tests consider fair game.

10 Steps for Acing the Digital SAT and ACT answers questions like…

 -What material will you see on the digital SAT?

 -Should you just take ACT instead?

-What’s your most efficient approach to test prep?

 -And where in the world should you even start?

Brimming with proven tips, quick-and-dirty tricks, and insight into the digital testing landscape of tomorrow, 10 Steps for Acing the Digital SAT and ACT offers a clear plan on exactly what to do to prepare for your college admissions tests. It is an essential tool for students and parents seeking an insider’s edge.

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